diagnosis of dyslexia?

What is the best thing about being dyslexic?

– “I discovered how to learn on my own
– “Extra time in exam”
– “Creativity, humor, special skills, concentration on something you love.”
– “The way we see solutions that others may not see. We think outside of the box or we may not even see the box.”
– “I see things others don’t and learn things in different ways so I can apply knowledge in cases others can’t.”
– “Nothing. Hahahha.”
– “It’s a different way to learn I guess”
– “Being able to think in a different way from most people. I think it can give you a different kind of view on life to.Nothing for me”
– “A friend used to say “you always do it in a different way, but still get to the right answer” and I like that I can approach something and do it in a new way which might help others understand better.”
– “More Empathic to others, more creative, ingenuitive, can look at things from different perspectives”
– “I find I have a lot of common sense and can normally find ways around problems”
– “Nothing for me”
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