How do you motivate yourself to keep going in school?

– “I love what I do and have plans for the future. I have the best (also dyslexic) teacher I could ever want! I have good frienss in school, and they are on my side, even though only a few know about my dyslexia. I just love doing music all the time.”

– “Supportive teachers,do what i can fight for the accommodations that i need. Dont gove up on thay fight.”

– “I’m becoming a veterinarian because it’s my life’s calling.”

– “I know I’m very intelligent and honestly I just really enjoy doing well. I stay motivated because of my desire to succeed.”

– “It wasn’t too hard, I just had to find different ways to read”

– “When I was younger I didn’t care about school at all I thought I was stupid and could never get better. But in grade 7 I somehow magically pulled off getting straight A’s on my first report card or the year and it was then I realized I could be smart if I really gave it my all. Since that day I have pushed myself harder and harder to keep up with everyone eles and get good grades. I do it because I refuse to ever feel like I’m stupid again. That is my motivation. And honeslty it’s really paid off I applied to the University this year and I’m on my way to actually going into the education program so I can become a teacher.”

– “I have supportive friends and teachers and I think about going to uni and do what I want with my life.”

– “Well my story is a tad complicated with schooling but I still manage to get a diploma in something, it was a struggle and alot of hard work but if u can get lucky with good understanding teachers who willing to be supportive it really helps. Make a step by step goal system look forward to the end of the school tunnel”

– “Not at school but at work. My family motivate me”


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