Dyslexia taught me how to be a fighter

After I discovered this page one month ago, and after reading many of your stories. I decided today that I should post mine. Since primary school, I had trouble with reading, spelling and writing and also with my short term memory, having brain freez, forgetting words that I have to say suddenly while speaking.

Telling my parents about seeing letters jumping in a text I was reading, and seeing different words while making several lectures of the same paragraph , made them taking me to an ophthalmologist guessing I’d have visual problems. to find out that I had a perfect vision at that time…

I promise myself that …

My teachers always said to my parents that I was a brilliant child in Maths and in Science, that I was good at problem solving and quick in learning at these subjects. Whereas I should put more work on improving my writing and spelling.

So while other kids of my age were having a free time during Saturdays and practicing their hobbies . My school was having me for extra hours to fix my learning problems in languages. It was sooo frustrating for me at that age and I couldn’t understand why I was so bad at this!

So I remember in 6th grade, sitting down alone in my room saying: I promise myself that I’ll do my best to get through this no matter how hard it seems, how frustrating it may look I will keep pushing myself until I’ll improve.

My first challenge

It led me to put the triple effort of what my peers did in school to just be at their level ! However going in this track made me a very motivated person willing to learn that I was ranked the first in my region for a final exam we took after finishing our 9th grade, and had a very high grade in the national exam we take in order to obtain our High school diploma ( Le bac)!

I was even chosen to host a Sunday program in our local radio station while I was in middle school. This was my first challenge. I had to speak without making mistakes on air. It was so difficult mentally, that I was stressing hard at first, praying I wouldn’t make any errors while reading. However with time passing I learned to relax and actually enjoy what I do!

And I continues

Now I’m in college doing a PharmD program. One of the hardest studies out there that takes a hell of a memory and concentration, that I lack (obviously)! I won’t lie if I said I’m very much struggling with my dyslexia in this field.

Despite this I tried to find new techniques in learning using my imagination and my strong visual memory in order to learn efficiently! Also I’m now in the process of learning my 4th language!

Young dyslexic out there, HANG IN THERE. It’s not easy and the struggle is real. BUT never give up on your dreams no matter what! Even it seems like a hard way full of obstacles. KEEP FIGHTING. This page is a great community, if you need support there are amazing people out there sharing their experiences with life and will give you good advice in order to keep going with yours.

My best of luck to everyone!

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