How does dyslexia affect you in everyday life and school?

Thses are answers for dyslexic themself.

– “I’m studying music in college in Finland at the moment. In many situations I feel my imagination is alot better than my peers, and I think of good ways to do things people are struggling with. (Mostly having to do with music.) Thinking outside the box, like everyone says :D I feel very stressed about my slow reading pace, and feel sick when I hear we have to read an article on some courses in school. I get the same feeling right before starting a group assignment, and knowing who are in my group for some reason.”

– “Tests were difficult i lnew the answers but when i saw the test on white paper my brain would stall getting what i knew on the paper was difficult. I was never able to finish tests in time aloted the noise of the early finishers drove me crazy.n broke my concentration”

– “Increases study time, decreases grades”

– “It makes reading quite challenging. I go to the number one public university in the world and number 4 over all so it it quite difficult. My major requires a LOT of reading. However, I have the kurzweil program on my computer which has changed everything. Honestly, without that, I would be struggling so much more.”

– “It’s hard to read but I’m able to function fine, I’m used to it”

– “Dyslexia affects every part of my life because it’s part of who I am. In terms of school though I’m much slower at tests and doing assignments, sometimes it’s hard to keep up.”

– “Not as much as expected. I make small mistakes with reading and spelling but they are minor enough to easily be looked over. Sometime at school I receive work earlier to all myself to read through it and process it better.”

– “Paperwork is dreaded and communicating with others can be rather challenging, it’s still frustrating to do spelling errors a lot, and my memories rarely memorize what I want them too”

– “Confidence”

– “A lot fallowing instructions at work”

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